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GSM Terminal Use As Backup For Landine

09/05/2012 - 16:45
GT-100 GSM Terminal

Alarm backup system and Gate Controller/monitoring

The new GT-100 GSM Terminal is a wireless communicator for alarm, fire panels that uses the cell phone network (GSM) to transmit alarm and other panel event. the module check the status of the PSTN line and in case the PSTN line become unavailble, the GT-100 GSM emulate the line signal to the panel.

At this time, the panel will dial out using the GSM cell phone network to communicate with the receive at the CMS station and transmit the reports.GT-100 offer a number of solutions to open gates by a simple phone call. Just dial a number to open your gates. GT-100 User List of numbers who are enabled to open the phone, up to 100.

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