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Detailed 3D Analysis with MHC System

10/10/2012 - 14:15
Detailed 3D Analysis with MHC System

Specialised Imaging, in conjunction with Image Systems AB, made a presentation at the recent SEM 2012 conference, demonstrating a 3D pitch, yaw and velocity solution using the SIM Cerberus system for the study of projectile ballistics.

A dual head SIM Cerberus system, was arranged in an orthogonal set-up, capturing 4 images of a high-speed projectile in flight. Each of the images (resolution 1360x1024 at 12bits) was captured using a 50ns exposure, and the separation between each image pair was 10µS. The image data was loaded into Image Systems TEMA Software to calculate 3D positional data, velocity, pitch and yaw.

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